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Privacy Policy

E daily loans for 1,2 and 3 months do understand the need to protect your privacy and for the same reason, our policy is crafted such that it provides all the details that you want to know, about how we make use of the personal data. This policy will be regularly updated so as to keep up with the trend and the changing technological scenario.

The Information that we source and collect

When you are using the site www.edailyloans.co.uk, then you have to register from where we then collect data related to your name, employment status, email, age, address or residence, employment status and so forth. By making use of our site, you are consenting as per the Data Protection Act, 1998, where we can make use of the same information to contact you. This is done so as to resolve any issue related to your account.

In case you are comfortable about providing information, then please do not visit our site.

This indeed helps us, as we then process the information to enrich your user experience, according to your browsing history.

There will be times, when we might make use of the personal data stored with us to provide or inform you about certain changes being made to our website, new products and services that are being launched along with that of any other discounts.

Prevention of Fraud

Regarding information that is found to be fraud or inaccurate, we will then pass the details to other fraud prevention agencies, so as to safeguard our data. In case you know about some fraudulent information that is being displayed in our website, then you can contact our support and we will make sure that the necessary action is taken.

We Are www.edailyloans.co.uk

From time to time, we may change the policy and this will be notified to you via emails or direct mails. Even with the changes being made, your data and other details that happen to be stored with us will never be disclosed or leaked without your prior consent.